Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jackie O can spice up a restroom.

Casual Dining doesn't have to mean boring decor and that is true for the Restrooms as well. The color scheme and original local art make the difference and when you add Jackie O, you've added the spice. Casual can be cool. 

Each restaurant in the J. Christopher's a chain which is based in Atlanta, Georgia has its on personality accented by local art work. The main restaurant walls are accented with a huge selections of art in all mediums and the restrooms are paced as well. 
The tile on the floors and walls works well and compliments the "spice" paint color, but I noticed the grout used here and in the main restaurant was too dark. The theory is the darker the grout is the less it will show stains, but it eventually looks dirty and it does. The wall tile is capped with a piece of trim finished natural. 

The granite countertop is a great accent and the only complaint and I am assuming the tile was installed first, so why was the countertop installed at that height with 2" of wall tile showing? Think people, or should I say countertop installer. The laminate stall doors were a poor choice in color as they were too light in faux wood grain to complement the medium tone floors and walls. Liked the mum in the vase. As "they" say it's the little things that count.

This is a great feature in a relatively small bathroom, a frosted translucent glass door. You can see someone approaching the door, no surprises. The hall from outside the bathroom is also flanked with original art.