Thursday, November 1, 2012

Al Dente, well done!

I started this blog a few years ago as I was generally dissatisfied with commercial bathrooms, primarily restaurants. They were too small, not clean, even if it was only paper trash and generally seemed to be an afterthought when it comes to the design. Yes, I am a female and when I tell a friend about the content of my blog, I always get an affirmation, and "What a great idea." My theory is that the restrooms are a reflection of a the kitchen’s cleanliness. Owners know restrooms are a necessity, but treat them like an afterthought, as if to say how small can we construct them, and as long as we meet codes we are OK.  Do you agree?

Al Dente
I choose to evaluate Al Dente in Morristown, New Jersey because as I was leaving my job as a kitchen designer, I noticed they were boarding the windows in anticipation of “Sandy” the monster storm heading to South Jersey and surrounding states. 

 Al Dente's interior is well thought out and lot of effort was put into the design not just the floor plan, but the elevations and ceiling. Great architectural detail with the beams and scrollwork panels.

Sloan Faucets
The Ladies room did reflect the character of the dining area and given the seating in the restaurant, a third stall would probably be need during busy times, but codes probably said two was sufficient. The Sloan Solis  faucets, Sloan Solis, work are solar powered by natural or artificial light.

An optional control lever on the side of the one-piece faucet allows restroom visitors to set the faucet to the desired temperature. when your hands are placed close and the hot / cold option was on the right side, somewhat obscure perhaps to maintain the sleek design. The would trim on the tile walls mimicked the restaurant, though I question the pink grout that was used. More than likely the same grout color was used on the floor, but it had darkened over time. The porcelain tile had a “slate” look and is a much better option than natural slate.

I am participating in the Bathroom Blogfest 2012
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  1. its better to make sure that our bathroom should look good and well as a mom i make sure that everything is in order so that it would be easy to find something if it is well organized..

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  2. Diane, I love great bathroom examples from restaurants. Thanks for sharing and participating in Bathroom Blogfest 2012!


  3. Thank you so much .

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