Saturday, June 16, 2012

Private Bathrooms Go Public - Part One

Italianate Villa
Rear entrance to formal center hall.
I am going to try a different approach today and showcase private bathrooms open to the “public”. I feel, given their public status, that they are qualified to be reviewed here.  All of the bathrooms featured were part of this year’s Heritage Foundation of Franklin & Williamson County’s 37th Annual Town and Country Tour. I have included a photo of the home’s exterior to give an idea of how the exterior relates to the interior. It was a great line-up of houses, really too many to see in one day as their were five in town and four in Leipers Fork in the southern part of Williamson County. I attended with my friend and partner in design, Kathy Newton Chappell. She was photographing the tour and for Your Community Magazine, a local magazine that promotes life in and around Franklin, Tennessee. It was a great day and the weather was fabulous. 
Of the four homes I visited, three were historic and last one was part of the new Brownstones, 16 homes built to look historic. Franklin located south of Nashville is the go to destination in middle Tennessee for small town shopping, dining and entertainment. The original 15 block downtown dating to the early 1800’s has a mix of Federal, Greek Revival, Victorian, Italianate, Queen Anne, Four Square, Tudor Revival, and my favorite Bungalow.
Kathy and I visited four homes, of which two were owned by music industry people. This is the first and I will follow in the next few days with the other three.

Magnolia Hall 1860, 600 Boyd Mill Avenue, Franklin, Tennessee

The light fixture should have been period.
Magnolia Hall built in 1860 in a Classic Italianate Villa style and was is the jewel in the crown of all of the houses on the tour.  It has been featured in national magazines and has been visited my many famous people including Bob Hope and Slyvester stalone. The current owner was on site and was able to answer any questions. 

The photograph above shows the door that we entered for the tour and was technically the back entrance. The house was designed with a formal center hall that ran  front to back. I just love the architectural detail, cream paint on the walls and Robin egg blue on the ceiling.

This was an extremely small bathroom, the only on the first floor, but it was lovely and was finished with high end materials including marble on the floor and walls. The pattern on the floor worked despite the small size, and I would have only suggested a more period fixture, orignal rather than this big-box fixture. The art on the wall gave the bathroom additional character and draws attention to the marble finishing at the substantial chair rail. High-end materials can make a bathroom feel huge.
The prints added character.
The pedestal sink is the perfect scale for this small bathroom


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