Sunday, March 25, 2012

A perfect reflection of Nero's, Warm & Cozy

Nero's Grill in Green Hills prides itself on historic signature dishes and comfort food favorites and the Woman's Bathroom is a reflection of that style. It was also especially large given the size of the restaurant. In my opinion the bathroms in most restaurants are undersized even if they do meet codes.  I was in the bathroom with a friend taking the photographs for this post and subsequently starting talking to another woman who was at Nero’s for a Rodan & Fields meeting. There was plenty of space to conduct a conversation without feeling crowded and she loved the idea of my Public Bathroom Blog. Yes, another follower.       
Although the style was dated, it was well done. It has louver doors, my favorite,  because when you close  louver doors they stay closed. Bet this style of door is a challenge for Graffiti Advertising as they place their ads on the back of the stall door. In this application the Graffiti ads were placed on the sidewall in the ADA stall which was logical.  The tile pattern  in front of the double bowl vanity could have been more effective had it encompassed the entire bathroom floor. As it is it makes the bathroom seem smaller.  Also, it looks as though someone said to the tile installer to create a pattern within the border without much direction. In outcome was boring. 

The opening in the granite countertop allowed trash to be disposed precisely and unobtrusively, though I’m not sure the purpose of the door in front of the trashcan as the right and left sides of the vanity were open. Kinda prompted one to open the door to see what was there.  

Absolutely loved the frosted glass in the bathroom door. No  doubt where the Woman’t Bathroom as I approached even though the adjacent hall was dimly lighted. The The Barbie Doll prints were a cute touch, but were hung too high and were dominated by the bold tile border, still cute though. I didn’t ask if Ken was in the Men’s Room. Certainly the stained trim and doors contributed to the overall feeling of warmth in the space.

Overall I rated it a 4 toilet (out of five). The standouts are the size and warmth.