Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Swanky’s restrooms are very swanky

Cool Springs, Franklin, Tennessee

Design: The Art Deco scheme of ivory and white with touches of gray and silver was very attractive and presented an upscale flair for a casual restaurant. The tone on tone wallcovering added to the elegant feeling and kept the look from being too harsh.

Tile: Emser Tile's stylish new Strands™ Series Click Here.
Strand, takes its design inspiration from fabric with a linear pattern, was used on the floors and walls. It features an eclectic color palette ranging from light to dark, and its refined aesthetic makes it well suited to use on floors or walls. I did notice the “strand” texture was starting to show dirt in the perimeter of the stalls. This series is offered in sizes 12x12, 12x24 and 24x24, so I’m not sure why only the 12x12 was used for the floors and walls, albeit in two colors: Oyster and Pearl.
The use of the tile on the walls up to the wallpaper was an elegant touch, but a plastic strip was used as a finish element when a Schluter transition could have been used. I also noticed the floor tile at the door finished to carpet but that left the edge unprotected and subjected to damage over time. Another solution would have been a Schluter edge protection strip and that will prolong the life of the tile.

The vanity was wall-mounted with countertops in a black granite and the sinks are a white porcelain rectangular undermount. The hot and cold faucets were set almost to the corners of the sink and it looked odd. I noticed a skimpy wood baseboard was used in the sink area but was not repeated in the stalls.
Love when doors in restrooms are constructed of wood, use real door hardware and are set on hinges, thereby giving a customer confidence that the doors will close securely. This design also makes the bathroom feel less industrial and more upscale.s
Cleanliness: Very, except for the collecting water at the faucet. 

Ventilation: Perfect
Size/Spaciousness: Very spacious with two stalls: one ADA and one standard and each is spacious. There was a fixed wall between the stalls. Otherwise there is plenty of room at the vanity.
Accouterments:  Appreciate the black & white photographs featuring men as the subject. Wonder if the men’s bathroom has photos of women? The toilet paper dispensers were more of a residential design and therefore easy to use. There was plenty more stored in the stall on column style holder. 

With three locations and counting, Swanky’s prides itself as an upscale, quick service restaurant specializing in what they’d like to call TN-Mex cuisine. They pair fresh food, prepared in house daily, with a laid back atmosphere and accommodating staff to help make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

Swankys RESPECTS the margarita. So visit Swanky’s Taco Shop in East Memphis,  Germantown or Franklin and while you’re there, don’t forget to:

Eat. Drink. Chill.