Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cool Springs Welcomes Buffalo Wild Wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) officially opens Monday, January 16th, but we got a “sink peek” at their bathrooms the other day.
Design: The black and yellow bathroom color scheme definitely reflects the the Buffalo Wild Wings theme.
I liked the use of Dal’s Porcelain Continental Slate in 13” x 13” on the walls and floors with a darker cove base as an accent.

The three lighting fixtures at the vanity had an industrial look, but the one in the center wasn’t lit, a problem? or it just wasn’t in an on position. 
The solid surface countertops in a bright yellow (possibly a custom color for BWW) included two integral sinks, and a rectangular opening with a trashcan placed below. No overflowing trash cans at BWW.
Cleanliness: Very, of course it was new, but the servers are responsible for 20 minute bathroom checks and the supplies they need are stored under the vanity. The hostesses are responsible clean mirrors, disinfect toilets and spot clean floors as needed.
Ventilation: Perfect
Size/Spaciousness: Very spacious with three stalls: one ADA and two standard and the ADA stall was huge. There were actual walls between the stalls with vents at the base to facilitate ventilation and to make it easier to clean.
Accouterments: The full-length mirror was a nice touch as well as the black and yellow stripe that ran across the floor and up the wall. (whoops, didn’t capture that in the photos). Might have to visit again.
I’ll be back in a couple of months to see if the 20 minute bathroom checks remain in force. Best Regards, The Bathroom Master.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Aloft is Cool but the Bathrooms are Bland

Aloft Hotel, Cool Springs, TN: A little surprised as I expected a bathroom a little more panache for this hotel,  I mean check out the logo, that’s cool. 
                       The wall tile was original, but that originality was minimized by the brick shape quarry floor tile in a mustard color that didn’t work with color or the pattern of the walls. The quarry tile was also used on the back wall of the stalls and it looked no better there. There was no cove base tile either, which makes it more difficult to clean as dirt tends to collect in corners. The adjacent flooring in the hall was stained concrete, why not continue it into the bathroom?
I thought it was a bit strange to have the baby changing accessory installed just inside the door but it was a stainless stell version. 
The countertops was done in white solid surface with two porcelain undermount sinks, but there was plenty of room for a third. The faucet controls were a bit undersized.

The best design element was the floor to ceiling frosted glass panel and door and what made it interesting was it absorbed blue light from the inside the bathroom and yellow light from outside the bathroom. 
Cleanliness: Excellent
Ventilation: Perfect
Size/Spaciousness: Three stall: one ADA and two standard.
Accouterments: The textured stainless steels stall doors had working full-sized handles hinges, very substantial. 
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