Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Invest in Leather - It’s the New Home Dec. Trend!

Leather actually increases in value over time as it ages, because it gets more beautiful over time by developing a patina unlike most other home decorating products. It’s more expensive, but it’s a  sound investment, because a leather piece will last forever.
“Leather has been hot in women’s fashion for the last several years, leather for home decor - beyond the “pleathery-looking” sofa is really this season’s trend for adding character and style throughout the home.” Leather is trending now, because for the last two to three years, people are being much more innovative in the way they design, whether it’s for the home or a restaurant or a business,” according to Sarah Eckler, senior vice-president of sales and marketing for Townsend Leather.
EcoDomo Leather Walls with Metallic Otagonal Tile
The options are endless in leather; flooring, moldings, top-stitched wall tiles, hyde and recycled, medallion and logo, color matching, area rug borders, woven patterns, and custom sizes and finishes.
 Leather is nature’s oldest textile. And does leather ever really go out of style?
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  1. Hi! I am just outside of Philadelphia, in the suburbs.
    I just checked out your site and I'm loving the leather floors.
    We just had a minor catastrophe here...sewage leak, and 3 rooms are ripped down to the studs. One room is my husbands man cave. We are trying to figure out what to put on the floor.
    the leather looks so cool & perfect for the look he's going for.
    Can you tell me more? Are you a distributor?
    Love to chat about this.
    thanks for the visit
    d e n i s e