Monday, November 8, 2010

TREND ALERT: Gray is the New Color for Hardwood & Laminate

There is a new trend for hardwood and laminate and it is the color gray. The darker brown stains are still popular, but the gray tones are emerging. 

Joey LaSalle from LaSalle Custom Design says it best. "Gray is in fact the new "Chocolate"...beige's are giving way to the gray palette. For those that prefer "warmer" tones as opposed to cooler, keep in mind that warm grays are just as relevant.  Yellow was the color of the year in 2009 as turquoise is the color of 2010, which is also a wonderful combination with gray.  Interior colors often follow the Fashion Color trends by approximately a year, sometimes two.  A good predictor to Interior Style is to look to the Fashion Industry.  In many ways, not only color, we are re-inventing the 80's with current interior design we are also seeing in fashion/music/even artwork.  Sleeker, glossier, high lacquer finishes are on the rise as the "old world" Tuscan styles are beginning to fade more and more.  The new color palette combination's of grays and brighter pop colors supports this.  Just as many of us have lived in the "beige box" for the better part of the last decade, Gray's are now here to stay for awhile." Please visit Joey's website to learn more about design trends or to learn more about his design philosophy. Thank you Joey for your "guest post".

Are you considering taking advantage of this new trend? Do you need more product information, pricing or samples of hardwood or laminates in the new gray color? 

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