Monday, September 27, 2010

Don’t be Bamboozled by Bamboo. Price Equals Quality

1. QUALITY The price is based is based on species of bamboo used and when it was harvested. It can as soft as pine or harder than maple. So, you get what you pay for. Teragren bamboo flooring for example, comes with a lifetime structural warranty and a 25-year residential/10-year heavy-use commercial finish warranty.

2. VOC’s Some bamboo floors are emit varying levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as formaldehyde, depending upon how they are manufactured. Teragren's proprietary manufacturing adhesives emit 0.03 ppm or less of formaldehyde, much less than allowed by U.S. OSHA.

3. FINISH A durable finish contributes to the beauty and protects the underlying product. For example, Teragren prefinished products have a water-based, solvent free, 7-coat German finish with an aluminum oxide wear layer to boost abrasion resistance, including two polyurethane topcoats for added protection. It is part of the 25-year residential/10-year heavy-use commercial warranty

4. ADHESIVE All bamboo products are laminated and the industry standard for this laminating process has long mandated the use of urea-formaldehyde adhesives. However, Teragren's proprietary manufacturing adhesives emit 0.03 ppm or less of formaldehyde, much less than allowed by U.S. OSHA emission standards.
5. LEED CREDITS Does all bamboo flooring qualify for LEED® credits?No. Flooring, like any product used in LEED certified construction, qualifies only if a company can provide documentation under the US Green Building Council’s LEED Green Building Rating System.

6. TRIM AVAILABILITY Teragren is the only bamboo flooring manufacturer that provides a full spectrum of coordinating tim pieces; thresholds, reducers, T-moldings, stair treads and nosings, parts, casings, and floor vents. And that is huge, because it allow you to finish your project, have full stair treads, with nosing on the second floor.

As a flooring contractor and owner of a flooring store, Teragren is the only bamboo that I can recommended as I am not only selling product I am selling my reputation! It’s all green, but don’t see red when the cheap stuff doesn’t hold up. Does anyone have any stories about being disappointed about buying inexpensive bamboo?
Need samples, more information...please email me at or leave a comment. Diane Kazan, the “Flooring Lady”.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Free Flutter of Butterflies

Here is my "flutter" of free butterflies photographed in my daughter's dorm room (an earlier post shows the complete dorm room).  Apparently the free butterflies are what draws the most attention when her friends visit.

The inspiration for them came from Haven, a high end woman's clothing store in Franklin, Tennessee. We were shopping just prior to her returning to school and as always stop in to see the latest fashion. The store was decorated with butterflies made from paper however, they weren't for sale so we made our own. They were cut from a heavy black stock (not construction paper) and velum paper. Some of the butterflies were printed as line art and the velum was fed in the paper tray and then they were cut. Each was curled and folded to add dimension and they were stuck to the wall with double-sided tape (the kind that can be removed from a dorm room wall.

Fun, easy and free, as I had the paper!

Haven: Sanctuary of Style

Haven Sanctuary of Style 343 Main St. Franklin TN 37064 Ph 615.790.7954 Fx 615.790.7955 or email us. 

Visit Southern Hospitality at:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Extreme Sunlight Fading - Walnut Prefinished Hardwood!

Does Hardwood Fade?...Here's Proof! 

I am a flooring contractor and was contacted by a customer to replace prefinished solid 3/4' thick Walnut hardwood due to water damage. The home, in Brentwood, Tennessee was built less than five years ago so thankfully the builder was able to provide the manufacturer and style of the original hardwood. However, I was shocked to see the extreme fading from the original due to the sun and questioned when the hardwood was delivered whether an error had been made. The issue was resolved when the new was compared to the original covered by an area rug. Please view the video which illustrates the affected area.

Link to the video to see more.

The photo shows three distinct areas; the new (darkest) medium (under the area rug) and the lightest (exposed to direct sunlight through a french door) And yes, the sunlight caused the extreme fading. The least be aware that this may happen or provide window coverings or window film so it doesn't happen. And yes, eventually replaced hardwood will fade to match the existing. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

State the Problem and I will Provide the Solution

THE PROBLEM...The builder did not consider the height differential between the Master Bedroom subfloor and Master Bath subfloor with the newly installed travertine.  It was going to become a trip factor or be very uncomfortable to your instep if placed incorrectly. 
THE SOLUTION...Johnsonite’s patented Subfloor Leveler System helps eliminate abrupt changes in elevation that tend to trip people up. They provide a gradual ramp for a smooth transition between two different flooring elevations. Unlike traditional patching compounds, the Leveler System eliminates the need for costly man-hours, long curing time and uncertain results. Instead, the Subfloor Leveler System installs easily and is ideal in high-traffic areas where small elevation changes can cause expensive slip/fall accidents. Works with all flooring materials.
  • Available in 4' sections
  • Custom lengths available by special order
  • Quickly provides a smooth, uniform transition
  • No waiting for leveling compounds to cure
  • Immediately accepts new flooring over it
  • Installs over concrete, wood, terrazzo, ceramic and steel subfloors
  • Will not crack or crumble over time 
Could this solution work for you? 
A Video on How to Install the Subfloor Leveler System

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Invest in Hardwood and Then Take Care of It!

As a flooring contractor, I’ve seen houses of the same age, both with sand & finish hardwood, however there can be a tremendous difference in the condition of the floors, from hardly a scratch to totally grayed-out at the doorways. So what makes the difference, care and maintenance.
  • Dirt, grit and sand mostly brought in from outside can prematurely damage your floors. Your dog, in their excitement to see you arrive home can also scratch the floor with their nails. 
  • Place mats outside and inside the doors and check your dog nails from time to time. Maybe a manicure is in order, for the dog!
  • Watch spills from the refrigerator water/ice dispenser and keep the area dry. If a rug is used to catch the spills, check under it for signs of moisture
  • Avoid oil soaps, like Murphy Oil Soap. They leave a greasy residue and when use over time will build up to the point that the floors  become cloudy. Here is the rest of the products “not to use”: ammonia-based cleaners, acrylic finishes, wax-based products, detergents, bleach, polishes, abrasive cleaning soaps, or acidic materials such as vinegar. Where did the idea of using vinegar and water come from? I always answer when asked about vinegar is “would you use it on your furniture?”
  • Use neutral pH cleaners made specifically for wood floors such as Bona or Bruce. I like Bruce Hardwood Cleaner because it is less expensive. Spray the cleaner on a terry cloth mop head (not directly onto the floor) and concentrate on cleaning the traffic areas, otherwise use a vacuum.
  • Lift the furniture to move it or use those furniture slides. Felt contacts under the legs will help prevent scratches.
  • Direct sun can discolor your hardwood floor. Close curtains and blinds or add sheer drapes to protect from the sun’s intense UV rays. I am writing a future post about an extreme example of walnut floors that were faded due to sun exposure, fascinating.
Thanks to Barbars for suggesting this post!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Even Flooring Experts Change Their Minds

A “consortium” of four design-related businesses recently leased space in downtown Franklin - the best small town in Tennessee. The objective of the consortium, now know as Studio 813, is for each business to refer or connect their customers to the services/products the other businesses in the space offer....clever isn’t it. Those products and services are Interior Design, Flooring, Painting, Furniture Refinishing, Decorative Finishes and Fine Art. We are located in an original car dealer building that was built in 1930 and has had numerous purposes since. But I digress, in that I am simply attempting to describe what years of use and decorating schemes have done to the condition of this space. The original plan for the workroom / kitchen was to stain the concrete, but the painter in the group nixed that idea as there were too many layers of old paint coupled with a wide area of new concrete poured when the plumbing was repaired.

Tarkett FiberFloor Easy Living
Fun Metallics 14251
The 2nd option was epoxy, however there was concern the prep required for the epoxy could damage the newly painted Sherwin William’s Invigorate walls. So the third option was to use floor and porch paint and add metallic color chips, which we did, after we pressure-washed and cleaned the floor anticipating a painted finish. However, no one like the results. Now what to do. The painter had some Pergo laminate, but I rejected that as it was an old style and why would I as flooring expert showcase discontinued flooring. Also, under consideration was the Shaw Cosmopolitan Hardwood but at a retail price of $8 per square foot, that was too high a price even if we were sharing costs to makeover the space. And then, I found the PERFECT SOLUTION, Tarkett’s new FiberFloor from the Easy Living - Fun Collection....a very cool look too as we chose the metallic “tread plate” pattern. The best part is that is “loose-lay”, no adhesive and easy to change out in a year or so. It also has a moisture and sound resistant barrier, another advantage and it retails for $2.25 a square foot. Go to the Tarkett web site and check out all of the Tarkett FiberFloor Easy Living juvenile, whimsical and sophiscated patterns.

Wow...finally, a floor to be proud of and show off! 

Vist the Tarkett Web Site for more patterns and information:
Introducing the Tarkett® FiberFloor® Protection System™,
featuring five everyday-life-resistant layers and more.

1 Finish layer
Protects against scratches, scuffs and stains for easy; cleaning and maintenance

2 Wear layer
Prevents wear, rips, tears, gouges and indentations

3 Foam layer
Adds cushion and additional indentation protection, creating warmth and comfort underfoot

4 Engineered fiberglass inner layer
Utilizes woven fibers so it lays flat and won’t expand or contract for increased stability

5 Backing layer
Allows high flexibility, easy installation and a moisture-and sound-resistant barrier for added performance