Friday, August 27, 2010

Sophomore Dorm Room Do-Over!

A huge part of attending college is the decorating the dorm room, well if you a female. It took two vehicles to complete my daughter Kelsey's dorm room at Tennessee Tech. And I noticed driving from Nashville to Cookeville the boys in their trucks with their refrigerators and flat screen televisions. But as we arrived at TN Tech and were were surrounded by fraternity and sorority members assigned to unload vehicles, that the girls had the comforters, duvet covers, coverlets, throws, shams, sheet sets, feather beds, mattress pads, decorative pillows, plus refrigerators and televisions! The unloading process took no more than 3.5 minutes as the only information those willing hands required was the room number. Then off to find a parking spot.
When I entered her dorm room my first impression was where did all this “stuff” come from, and it occurred to me that my daughter’s room mate had an equal amount of belongings plus her mother and two friends. There was so much stuff on that VCT floor (that's the flooring that you see in Wal-Mart) that we had unload to the hall before we could load the room. The futon was the first to be placed and the perfect spot was under the “bunked” bed and with so many busy hands it didn’t take long to finish the new room with this year’s pink. grey and black color scheme. ironically her Kelsey's room mate had also chosen, thereby contributing to the overall success and sophistication of the room. 
But, clearly the most commented element in the room were the “paper butterflies” cut from black paper, velum and from line art printed on velum and then cut. Each butterfly was scored or curled to give it added dimension and then double-sided tape was used to place them on the wall. 
Last year’s Beta fish is now swimming in a new vase (on the desk to the right of the lamp) with reclaimed crystals from a discarded chandelier.

Another find  was the wool area rug from IKEA that was deeply discounted as it was a display rug and had stains. But, being the floor expert that I am, I know wool can be easily cleaned and though it took Kelsey an hour the results were great. 

Sources for Stuff:
IKEA - duvet cover, comforter, throw, vase, lamp and fabulous wool rug.
Neighbor - Futon (which we stained walnut)
Sister - Crystals (in the fish bowl) from discarded chandelier
TJ Max - decorative pillow, oversized champagne glass
Haven, Franklin, TN - inspiration for the butterflies

My last text of the day to her when I arrived home was, 
“Had a great day and enjoy your Sophomore room!

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